Property Management Services

Our property Management. Division provides the following services:

  • Collect rents
  • Account rents and other income and all expenses, providing monthly and annual reports to the property owner
  • Prepare vacant unit for new tenancy
  • Advise on setting rent rates
  • Provide thorough and effective screening of prospective tenants
  • Move in walk thru inspection with new tenant
  • Execute leases
  • Maintenance of dwellings during tenancy
  • Moveout inspection and preparation of costs to make the unit ready again, charging this to previous tenant’s account as appropriate
  • Effect evictions when necessary
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations including health department, zoning, landlord/tenant laws, smoke alarms, etc.
  • Help ensure minimization of liabilities

Our basic fees for property management are as follows:

  • Recurring fees
    • Monthly management fee is 10% per month.
  • Nonrecurring fees
    • Fill vacancy fee is 20% of first months rent (this is used to offer outside agents a commission to help find a tenant)
    • Processing an eviction $25
    • Attending court or otherwise going to a government agency for special reason $75.

Evictions involve the following costs:

  • Attorney Fees: $150  (This is for an uncontested eviction – about 90% are uncontested)
  • Court costs:  $85  (current rate, subject to change and varies slightly by jurisdiction)
  • Court writ:  $13  (this is an order to the court constable to serve notice on the tenant)
  • Processing fee to Blade Realty Group:  $25
  • Court appearance by Blade Realty Group staff member:  $75  (most cases do not require appearance by Blade Realty Group staff)

Total cost for the majority of evictions is $150+$85+$13+$25 = $273.  In most eviction cases we are granted possession by the court within 3 weeks of filing suit.

Contact us today for more information on our property management services or to have us manage your properties at or 317-650-4727